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Hi guys! Welcome back! 👋

Okay guys! an amazing habit we should always strive to cultivate is not focusing or reflecting on our negatives and if at all our thoughts sometimes get channeled towards that direction (of course they would definitely do) We should always prefer to look at them as negative experiences… Personally, I feel those negative experiences shapes us into becoming who we are. If we actually reflect on the negative experiences we have had, the bad relationships, the businesses that did not turn out well, the jobs we could not secure; we would realize they all had an impact no matter how minimal and they actually have made you an experienced person.

The above is worth something! We are meant to always strive to turn our negatives to positives and not dwelling on them like we could change them. It is understandable that many people allow the failures that happen in their lives never to measure up or manifest itself as experiences but I feel it is better to use them to shape yourself into a better YOU rather than getting overwhelmed by them.

In my own sincere opinion, I personally feel that everything that has happened to us are experiences we just have to go through to have the knowledge we have today. The purpose of the negative experiences is to teach us lessons and those lessons form the knowledge we have today.

Conclusively, it is actually okay to think of the bad stuffs, the mistakes, the failures, the setbacks, the disappointments, the challenges and everything you might wish to call your negative experiences but try to cultivate the habit of not dwelling on them instead see them as life changing lessons that should inspire or motivate you to become a BETTER YOU!

love and kisses!❤️💋

seyilami Longe.💥


Hello guys! Welcome back, I hope we are all keeping safe👍. Let us quickly get to the gist of today which is titled 👉🏼 The thief of time called PROCRASTINATION!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Often times, I ask myself -why do we as individuals intentionally delay our mission? why do we delay the process of getting what we want-the hopes, dreams and aspirations? Most times we complain of little time so we get to suspend certain things; now we apparently have the time in our hands and I can confidently write that so many of us are still guilty of this phenomenon.

The only answer I have to that is BEING INTENTIONAL! Yes! things are easier said than done but no better words could have been used in response to that if it is not being intentional with yourself and with your life!

You have got plans, goals, aspirations? JUST START! if you delay in doing something now, it will definitely take longer to do later on! The procrastination affects you!! it is actually beyond professing that you would do it- Act! Take action! Get started!

Being intentional with your life means you making thoughtful choices, life changing choices; it means you living a purposeful life, making the right decisions and taking the right steps in your life. When you are intentional with your life, all that would matter to you is your growth! your stability! your happiness and your development.

When you live an intentional life, it means you living a fulfilling life -it means you actively engaging your life! Get up everyday and ask yourself-to what use am I putting my life? How am I developing my life this period? Am I living a purposeful life?

Living intentionally has a whole lot of importance and significance. it ranges from having less forgotten tasks to making less mistakes, your happiness and growth would be your utmost priority and you would happily grab opportunities that comes by.

My dear friends, why are you delaying your mission, your goals and aspirations? Being intentional does not mean you will do everything perfectly, it does not mean you will do everything you want-but then it means even if you fail at it, you will never give up! it means you would get up everyday and try to put yourself into good use. There are days you would forget, there are days you would just want to lay in bed but those days should never outweigh the days you live purposefully.

Conclusively, I would urge us all to be fully aware of the fact that procrastination is a thief of time and it affects our life, our purpose and our mission. Try to live intentionally everyday! Just take a step at a time! Live everyday as it comes. I wish you well.

Stay safe out there. 🙏💥

Love and kisses! ❤️💋💋

Seyilami Longe 💥


Hello family! it has been a long minute!! I am so sorry my new year greetings is obviously coming this late. I had a whole lot of important and pressing things on my table. Additionally, my website got suspended, the certificate got expired and it also had few technical issues but yaaaay!!! the wordy corner is more than back and I am more than happy to be back on here too. I am sure you are glad too.

Most importantly, it is with great joy and a deep sense of pride that I announce that I have been called to the largest bar in Africa…HURAAYYYY!!!(beats drum) Yeah, you can call me a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme court of Nigeria WINKS! Guys, I must confess-this is my greatest achievement so far; being able to fulfill one of my life long dreams/goals is actually an incredible and indescribable feeling. It sure means a lot to me and I am really excited!

So quickly, your girl is currently observing her youth service and it has been really stressful; thanks to the lock down, I have been able to get all the adequate rest needed and I have also been able to catch up on things I have unintentionally neglected.

Well, on a more serious note, I cannot overlook the current state of public health and well-being that is being jeopardized on the altar of Corona Virus. it is actually very sad to hear the confirmed cases and recorded deaths all over the world due to the rapid spread of COVID-19; the world is really sick and we must all ensure we are contributing our own large quota by staying at home and staying safe. we should all endeavor to practice the littlest things such as observing personal hygiene and taking immune boosters.

Although, efforts to beat back the virus and return to normal appear long and somewhat dispiriting but I still sincerely believe we shall fully beat back the outbreak of the pandemic and live our normal lives once more. Till then, let us all ensure our own safety, keep the hope alive, keep our fingers crossed and also utilize this opportunity to attend to things we have abandoned.

Stay glued to this site too…

Love always!


Hello friends!
I am so excited to be back here and I am heartily sorry for the long break; trust me, it was well deserved!
However, the good news is that I just concluded my law school program Yaaaay! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 so I am like fully back before NYSC camp calls; your girl gotta grow you know☺️😉.
By the way, I had a terrible April ☹️ April dealt a very big blow on me: I lost my bestfriend-my very own person; my true friend, a sister and a partner. I lost Fatoba Oluwaseyifunmi Omolola HELENA. I was almost tempted to add her matriculation number, yeah that was how we rolled🙂 Oluwaseyifunmi was a good person with a very beautiful soul. She radiated love effortlessly to the people around her and you cannot but love and appreciate her being. She was one in a million and a blessing to those around her. Hmmm…it is very sad to lose a promising soul like hers but God knows best.
So guys, I can safely conclude that it has really been a roller coaster year for me.
Without further ado, I would love to categorically state that the above is actually the major motivation for this write up today. I just want you guys to always appreciate your friends not just your friends but the people you have around you, appreciate the tiniest of moments you get to share with your people and this is solely because there would be a time you would yearn for those precious moments but you would never get them.
The fact that friends are necessary evils cannot be overemphasized and the most established fact is that we all need friends( no matter how few) to make life more interesting. True friends are real flame feeders; they are the ones with the full hype, the ones that are always rooting for you in your absence and it is a heartbreaking experience losing one. There are so many situations I find myself and the only person I would want to turn to would be Oluwaseyifunmi! but boom 💥 she is gone 😭. (Thankful for the few good ones left).
Basically, always endeavour to reach out to your loved ones, they are priceless and no amount of tears can bring back the dead once they are gone. Appreciate and cherish the tiniest of relationships you find yourself in and this is because life happens at the end of it all and memories are the best things left behind.
Additionally, always help the people around you without any sense of entitlement, love without conditions, listen to them without Judging them and genuinely understand them without pretension. We only have one life to live, make it purposeful!

Thinking out loud!

I have been with people and I have experienced a whole lot. I have been with people who laugh and are genuinely happy with themselves. I have been with people who have worries but then they do not let that affect their relationship with people; they mix, they love, they laugh and just enjoy life…I have met people who are so unhappy and sad that you could tell from the words they speak and the facial expressions they give. I have also met people who are so perfect in faking a smile, faking a good laughter so as to make you believe everything is going on well with them. So many people fake a very beautiful smile to hide their injured soul so that you will never notice how broken they truly are. They would be in closed doors and weep till they find consolation within themselves.

I have dined with people who are so perfect in their imperfections because they are confident in themselves. I have come across people  in different forms and I can boldly say-We all are humans and that is why we experience most of these things at a stage or the other.

We are all humans and are perfectly faulted. We are expected to be comfortable with those faults because no one is made perfect; you can only appreciate others when you are at peace with your own yourself.
We are different people with different situations, different people with diverse differences, different people with different mentality about life; different people with divergent views and perceptions. You should learn to appreciate human beings in any form they come.

I have come to the realization of the fact that so many people react to situations just the way they have been moulded by experience. It is nobody’s fault! It is what society has made them believe, it is what they were born into and so just because a thing is not normal to you does not make it abnormal; just always try your best to listen to people not because you need to reply but because you want to understand and appreciate their views!

My dear readers, I have come to the belief that we as human beings need to cultivate the habit of appreciating one another because you do not know where that person you keep judging is coming from and if you do know, do well to appreciate his or her differences.

Hey dear, you own yourself and you have control over your thoughts! Your thoughts are not facts! They are just fears playing in your head…you are meant to overcome them! Stand tall on your feet and take charge! You own you and you should make your own quality decisions, you are meant to determine what goes on with you! I cannot dispute the fact that it is not so easy but then you have to lay them all down before they become your reality!
Worries are normal but then they are not meant to be your reality! You should take charge!

lots of love


Hey friends!
Happy new year! I am writing to you today with so much excitement and gratitude…I am heartily sorry for the little break i took from posting; trust me it was really necessary! “smiles”

it was indeed an awesome, sweet, sad, amazing, depressing 2018 but then I really can’t wait to see the good tidings 2019 has in store for you and I.

 I know 2018 might not have ended great but I would like us to know that 2019 is another blank book and I urge us all to patiently wait on God to write our stories this year. I know you might still be in a rough place now thinking there is no way you can get out of the pit you have dugged for yourself…but I want you to rise up, dust yourself and get ready for another 365 new chances and opportunities. No one and no situation is worth losing your self worth for, nobody is worth the stress and the unending sacrifices; just do yourself this favour –stop looking for happiness the same place you lost it. Never should you! Your happiness matters and whatever gives you joy and happiness matters as well but then do not go back to your wounds and insecurities. We both know you have endured enough pain and made a whole lot of sacrifices at the expense of your happiness but right now, it is time for you to break free. Break free and find your way out of that pit!
I would love you to do yourself the favour of not looking at where you fell but where you slipped. Know what made you slip so that you can make some amends and readjust this new year. No one I repeat nobody is really worth the stress except YOU! So, do not make the mistake of losing yourself in an attempt to fit into another person’s world or in an attempt to meet up with another person’s definition of an ideal man or woman; you should not lose yourself in an attempt to get validation from people on how to live your life, you should live based on your own rules and nobody else’s. So it is time! Time to break free from that toxic relationship; you deserve the whole love in this world and you should not lose yourself while holding on to someone who does not care about you. So my darling, this 2019 is a new journey for you and you really need to gather enough strength for this journey and always understand that no one can push you or feed your flame than you. No one can cheer you up more than your inner spirit. if you need a good job, get it this year, if you need positive vibes around you, get rid of the bad energies and move with people who bring nothing but good vibes. You really deserve to be happy and 2019 is here to bring you a whole lot of that. So stay positive, stay alive, stay out of depression because it is our year of good news. I can’t wait to celebrate with you 🎊 🎉 .

cheers to a prosperous new year ♥️♥️


Be Original!

We are in a world where people live their life based on what conforms with the general opinion people have of them. We are in a world where people determine their relevance based on the Judgement of some other people. This however all boils down to lack of confidence; when u lack confidence as an individual, you constantly make the mistake of seeking people’s validation before you take an action. There are so many instances of situations where people strive to meet up with the perception of others about them; they continually strive and try to do anything that will keep them in the good books of other people. For instance, you should never think of yourself as a perfectionist and then constantly trying hard to keep up with that just because people tell you are just too good; see, no man is good enough! we all strive towards perfection. Perfection belongs only to God. Just always keep up with the habit of doing you and doing good and let go of any unnecessary pressure.

So many people also live life in compliance with life dictates; they just take and grab whatever life gives them at any point. They do not even want to sweat it nor stress it… they are so contented with their present state of reality that they are not even ready to stretch out their arms to reach more important things. This is pretty bad and we should as human beings cultivate the habit of not settling with whatever life throws at us; we should constantly strive to be more and to do more. Hey dear, there is a clear difference between settling for whatever life throws at you and accepting in good faith and even making the best use of what you get at a point from life. The former means staying in your comfort zone without trying out new opportunities while the latter means, making progressive efforts and then accepting whatever comes out of it. Darling, the point is just do not sit and watch, try out new things, progressive things! You should learn to always accept what comes your way and making the best use of it and in line with that which you want but not settling with it.
Additionally, So many people seek validation for every step they take which is pretty bad. They live their life based on other people’s terms and this is solely because their self worth is based on what others say about them. One major thing I keep clamouring about is the fact that we are meant to give up the habit of living our lives to please others. That is way overboard. You should never make the mistake of living life based on what people say or based on what you hear people say just so that you can please them. We should constantly learn to overlook the naysayers called pessimists; you should actually turn a deaf ear to whatever ingratitude they are professing; whatever they say about your character is their own opinion and that does not affect or change who you are nor affect the values you exude. The thing is there are over 7billion people in the world and you just cannot please everybody, it’s not possible! Listen, live your life your way and that should never be dictated by general opinion. It is absolutely normal for people to have one or two things to say about you. Accept all in good faith and they should only influence you if they are positive remarks.
Conclusively, Whatever you do in this life, make sure you do you. In a world where you can be so many things, please always choose your originality over every other thing because eventually, it’s your life!

love always!

Surround yourself with the flame feeders!

   Cultivate the habit of surrounding yourself with friends or people that feed your flame, be around people who push you towards success; people who trigger the spark in you to become fire; surround yourself with people who will not stop at anything until they achieve their aim of ensuring that you make a success out of yourself.
    Additionally,in as much as we all have friends we are so attached to; some of them feed our flames quite well while some might actually not be able to feed our flames like some of the people we have knocked out of friendship just because of a mistake they made in the past. Darling, i want you to cultivate the habit of looking beyond the mistakes of other people in order to discover their uniqueness, originality and what stands them out. As the old popular saying goes; quit the habit of judging a book by its cover. There’s a whole lot of sweetness embodied in the people around you; Look beyond their flaws and discover the positive energy in them that can influence the energy in you and fuel your inner fire. Nobody is perfect and nobody has it all figured out…John Donne in his work stated that: No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a bit of the continent, a part of the main. No man can definitely thrive well if kept away from other people.                                                                                   Therefore, you constantly need people around you to push you, trigger you or influence you positively. Always look out for the good in people and quit the habit of getting too quick to bashing others for their imperfections.
Imperfections are normal human compositions and it is actually not easy to let go of one’s flaws. Yes! Flaws are too hard to erase but can definitely be contained and embraced.
     Furthermore, there are so many people that can actually be a support system but due to the fact that they have one or two flaws, you have consciously kept them at arm’s length just because of this so called defect.This is actually not too healthy and that is because you are not even close to perfection yourself. So my dear, In order to maintain the friendship u have with these set of people, you have to embrace and accept what makes them human. You have to understand the fact that we all have our weaknesses and fears all bottled up. All that matters is surrounding yourself with people that will constantly feed your flames either intentionally or unintentionally. Be around those set of people that have an impact in your life in one way or the other.
     Conclusively, every human subconsciously needs a push. Yes! we definitely know what is right but there are times we constantly need reassurance from people around us; there are times we need people to trigger our positive desires and that is the major reason why you have to be with people who fuel your inner fire and cheer you on!
Love always.

No one is perfect!

      In this world we live in, no one was built or moulded perfect; no one lives perfect and no one can ever be perfect. All we tend towards and live towards is being a better version of ourselves. Tending towards perfection entails you learning to accept your flaws, you must also acknowledge the fact that you are human and at such very much fallible i.e. capable of making mistakes. You must at all times accept your shortcomings and also accept the fact that you are a work in progress and not a work done.
Furthermore, you must equally learn to accept that other people are not perfect, you must be able to understand the fact that just like you they also have their own flaws, faults and shortcomings; therefore, you shouldn’t put yourself in a position of an umpire to castigate and rebuke people for their imperfections.
I also want you all to understand the fact that as a work in progress, you must be opened to positive corrections and observations from people. In as much as we all know that people’s opinion about you does not define who you are but still you should always try your best to accommodate positive corrections from people and shouldn’t be defensive about it.
You should find it growth-pushing when someone says sheila, that’s not a good way to talk to an elderly man. It’s an act of disrespect. You should be happy when you have people like this around you who can tell you what is right and what is wrong; you should be thankful if you have friends that can always look into your eyes and tell you what it is you are doing wrong and how you can adjust instead of friends who will go behind you and initiate gossip conversations with people who are not even close to you or maybe with your other friends.
In addition, a person who is tending towards growth and who is aspiring to be a better version of him or herself is meant to accept as I have said earlier positive corrections and not get defensive about it. Being defensive means giving a justifying reaction to feedback received from people as regards your personality.Being defensive entails trying to justify your actions and inaction so as to ward off admitting responsibility for an act or behavior.For instance Tasha says to Lena “You look down on people and it is really bad” Lena replies “Yes I did that to Gloria and it is not my fault, let me tell you why it is not my fault…” The above signifies being defensive; accepting the fact that you participated in the act i.e something like that happened but denying or refusing to accept responsibility for the defective behavior. This is way too bad! We should always learn to accept responsibility for our faulty and defective acts.
Conclusively, it is high time we cultivated the habit of accepting our flaws and also accepting positive corrections; this does not only ensure and push us to growth but it also assists us in becoming a better version of ourselves.
Love always❤

Quit the habit of being envious

         Often times, so many people get caught in the web of ENVY! they get so entangled in the web to the extent of them losing their inner self or better still self worth or esteem which then leads them to putting on a garment of inferiority complex covered with a cloak of hatred whenever they are around the individual they are envious of.  Envy as defined by Wikipedia occurs when a person lacks another person’s superior quality, achievement or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it. Being envious is an act of resentful longing for what another person has and when you can not get what that person has, it then turns to hating.There are diverse unhealthy instances of how people get so jealous of the progress their friends are making and most times desiring to see them fail when they realize they cannot have what they possess nor attain the heights they have attained or are attaining.
        My dear, dare to quit the habit of getting envious of your friends as it is actually too bad and unhealthy;friends are meant to support and help one another grow and not the other way round. it is high time you learnt that getting jealous or better put, being envious of people overshadows your self worth and affects your psyche; it kind of registers a thought that you are not good enough and sends an everyday signal to your mental state which then assists in breaking down your self esteem completely.
      Additionally, consistent envy leads to building hatred and also triggers you to initiate hating conversations about such person or persons. it is high time we realized the fact that being envious of your friend can never hinder nor stop him/her from achieving whatever they want to achieve or becoming whatsoever they so wish to become; it does not stop them from working towards achieving their goals as well. All it does is to have an adverse effect on you which includes filling your soul with hatred, giving you a feeling of of not being up to others, takes away your gaze from working more on yourself which then debars you from mapping out your own plans to succeed.
       In order to overcome or quit the habit of envy, you really need to stop comparing yourself with other people and focus on yourself. Give up the habit of complaining about your weaknesses all the time and focus on your strength. Build up the habit of wishing people well and also cultivate the habit of being genuinely happy for whosoever progresses; it will take nothing from you but it will definitely add a soothing peace of mind my dear.
       Furthermore,  there are diverse opportunities to succeed in life; there are diverse ways to achieve several things. Infact there are so many things you as an individual can engage in in the stead of nurturing negative energy against your friend. The sky is wide enough for more than two birds to fly without their wings touching. So, whatever you do and whatever situation you find yourself. Always learn to support the growth of your neighbour. Quit the habit of getting jealous of the present achievement of people; it draws back your own bright opportunity for achieving greater things…love always

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