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Okay guys! an amazing habit we should always strive to cultivate is not focusing or reflecting on our negatives and if at all our thoughts sometimes get channeled towards that direction (of course they would definitely do) We should always prefer to look at them as negative experiences… Personally, I feel those negative experiences shapes us into becoming who we are. If we actually reflect on the negative experiences we have had, the bad relationships, the businesses that did not turn out well, the jobs we could not secure; we would realize they all had an impact no matter how minimal and they actually have made you an experienced person.

The above is worth something! We are meant to always strive to turn our negatives to positives and not dwelling on them like we could change them. It is understandable that many people allow the failures that happen in their lives never to measure up or manifest itself as experiences but I feel it is better to use them to shape yourself into a better YOU rather than getting overwhelmed by them.

In my own sincere opinion, I personally feel that everything that has happened to us are experiences we just have to go through to have the knowledge we have today. The purpose of the negative experiences is to teach us lessons and those lessons form the knowledge we have today.

Conclusively, it is actually okay to think of the bad stuffs, the mistakes, the failures, the setbacks, the disappointments, the challenges and everything you might wish to call your negative experiences but try to cultivate the habit of not dwelling on them instead see them as life changing lessons that should inspire or motivate you to become a BETTER YOU!

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seyilami Longe.💥


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