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Hello family! it has been a long minute!! I am so sorry my new year greetings is obviously coming this late. I had a whole lot of important and pressing things on my table. Additionally, my website got suspended, the certificate got expired and it also had few technical issues but yaaaay!!! the wordy corner is more than back and I am more than happy to be back on here too. I am sure you are glad too.

Most importantly, it is with great joy and a deep sense of pride that I announce that I have been called to the largest bar in Africa…HURAAYYYY!!!(beats drum) Yeah, you can call me a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme court of Nigeria WINKS! Guys, I must confess-this is my greatest achievement so far; being able to fulfill one of my life long dreams/goals is actually an incredible and indescribable feeling. It sure means a lot to me and I am really excited!

So quickly, your girl is currently observing her youth service and it has been really stressful; thanks to the lock down, I have been able to get all the adequate rest needed and I have also been able to catch up on things I have unintentionally neglected.

Well, on a more serious note, I cannot overlook the current state of public health and well-being that is being jeopardized on the altar of Corona Virus. it is actually very sad to hear the confirmed cases and recorded deaths all over the world due to the rapid spread of COVID-19; the world is really sick and we must all ensure we are contributing our own large quota by staying at home and staying safe. we should all endeavor to practice the littlest things such as observing personal hygiene and taking immune boosters.

Although, efforts to beat back the virus and return to normal appear long and somewhat dispiriting but I still sincerely believe we shall fully beat back the outbreak of the pandemic and live our normal lives once more. Till then, let us all ensure our own safety, keep the hope alive, keep our fingers crossed and also utilize this opportunity to attend to things we have abandoned.

Stay glued to this site too…

Love always!



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