Hello friends!
I am so excited to be back here and I am heartily sorry for the long break; trust me, it was well deserved!
However, the good news is that I just concluded my law school program Yaaaay! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 so I am like fully back before NYSC camp calls; your girl gotta grow you know☺️😉.
By the way, I had a terrible April ☹️ April dealt a very big blow on me: I lost my bestfriend-my very own person; my true friend, a sister and a partner. I lost Fatoba Oluwaseyifunmi Omolola HELENA. I was almost tempted to add her matriculation number, yeah that was how we rolled🙂 Oluwaseyifunmi was a good person with a very beautiful soul. She radiated love effortlessly to the people around her and you cannot but love and appreciate her being. She was one in a million and a blessing to those around her. Hmmm…it is very sad to lose a promising soul like hers but God knows best.
So guys, I can safely conclude that it has really been a roller coaster year for me.
Without further ado, I would love to categorically state that the above is actually the major motivation for this write up today. I just want you guys to always appreciate your friends not just your friends but the people you have around you, appreciate the tiniest of moments you get to share with your people and this is solely because there would be a time you would yearn for those precious moments but you would never get them.
The fact that friends are necessary evils cannot be overemphasized and the most established fact is that we all need friends( no matter how few) to make life more interesting. True friends are real flame feeders; they are the ones with the full hype, the ones that are always rooting for you in your absence and it is a heartbreaking experience losing one. There are so many situations I find myself and the only person I would want to turn to would be Oluwaseyifunmi! but boom 💥 she is gone 😭. (Thankful for the few good ones left).
Basically, always endeavour to reach out to your loved ones, they are priceless and no amount of tears can bring back the dead once they are gone. Appreciate and cherish the tiniest of relationships you find yourself in and this is because life happens at the end of it all and memories are the best things left behind.
Additionally, always help the people around you without any sense of entitlement, love without conditions, listen to them without Judging them and genuinely understand them without pretension. We only have one life to live, make it purposeful!


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