I have been with people and I have experienced a whole lot. I have been with people who laugh and are genuinely happy with themselves. I have been with people who have worries but then they do not let that affect their relationship with people; they mix, they love, they laugh and just enjoy life…I have met people who are so unhappy and sad that you could tell from the words they speak and the facial expressions they give. I have also met people who are so perfect in faking a smile, faking a good laughter so as to make you believe everything is going on well with them. So many people fake a very beautiful smile to hide their injured soul so that you will never notice how broken they truly are. They would be in closed doors and weep till they find consolation within themselves.

I have dined with people who are so perfect in their imperfections because they are confident in themselves. I have come across people  in different forms and I can boldly say-We all are humans and that is why we experience most of these things at a stage or the other.

We are all humans and are perfectly faulted. We are expected to be comfortable with those faults because no one is made perfect; you can only appreciate others when you are at peace with your own yourself.
We are different people with different situations, different people with diverse differences, different people with different mentality about life; different people with divergent views and perceptions. You should learn to appreciate human beings in any form they come.

I have come to the realization of the fact that so many people react to situations just the way they have been moulded by experience. It is nobody’s fault! It is what society has made them believe, it is what they were born into and so just because a thing is not normal to you does not make it abnormal; just always try your best to listen to people not because you need to reply but because you want to understand and appreciate their views!

My dear readers, I have come to the belief that we as human beings need to cultivate the habit of appreciating one another because you do not know where that person you keep judging is coming from and if you do know, do well to appreciate his or her differences.

Hey dear, you own yourself and you have control over your thoughts! Your thoughts are not facts! They are just fears playing in your head…you are meant to overcome them! Stand tall on your feet and take charge! You own you and you should make your own quality decisions, you are meant to determine what goes on with you! I cannot dispute the fact that it is not so easy but then you have to lay them all down before they become your reality!
Worries are normal but then they are not meant to be your reality! You should take charge!

lots of love



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