Hey friends!
Happy new year! I am writing to you today with so much excitement and gratitude…I am heartily sorry for the little break i took from posting; trust me it was really necessary! “smiles”

it was indeed an awesome, sweet, sad, amazing, depressing 2018 but then I really can’t wait to see the good tidings 2019 has in store for you and I.

 I know 2018 might not have ended great but I would like us to know that 2019 is another blank book and I urge us all to patiently wait on God to write our stories this year. I know you might still be in a rough place now thinking there is no way you can get out of the pit you have dugged for yourself…but I want you to rise up, dust yourself and get ready for another 365 new chances and opportunities. No one and no situation is worth losing your self worth for, nobody is worth the stress and the unending sacrifices; just do yourself this favour –stop looking for happiness the same place you lost it. Never should you! Your happiness matters and whatever gives you joy and happiness matters as well but then do not go back to your wounds and insecurities. We both know you have endured enough pain and made a whole lot of sacrifices at the expense of your happiness but right now, it is time for you to break free. Break free and find your way out of that pit!
I would love you to do yourself the favour of not looking at where you fell but where you slipped. Know what made you slip so that you can make some amends and readjust this new year. No one I repeat nobody is really worth the stress except YOU! So, do not make the mistake of losing yourself in an attempt to fit into another person’s world or in an attempt to meet up with another person’s definition of an ideal man or woman; you should not lose yourself in an attempt to get validation from people on how to live your life, you should live based on your own rules and nobody else’s. So it is time! Time to break free from that toxic relationship; you deserve the whole love in this world and you should not lose yourself while holding on to someone who does not care about you. So my darling, this 2019 is a new journey for you and you really need to gather enough strength for this journey and always understand that no one can push you or feed your flame than you. No one can cheer you up more than your inner spirit. if you need a good job, get it this year, if you need positive vibes around you, get rid of the bad energies and move with people who bring nothing but good vibes. You really deserve to be happy and 2019 is here to bring you a whole lot of that. So stay positive, stay alive, stay out of depression because it is our year of good news. I can’t wait to celebrate with you 🎊 🎉 .

cheers to a prosperous new year ♥️♥️


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