Cultivate the habit of surrounding yourself with friends or people that feed your flame, be around people who push you towards success; people who trigger the spark in you to become fire; surround yourself with people who will not stop at anything until they achieve their aim of ensuring that you make a success out of yourself.
    Additionally,in as much as we all have friends we are so attached to; some of them feed our flames quite well while some might actually not be able to feed our flames like some of the people we have knocked out of friendship just because of a mistake they made in the past. Darling, i want you to cultivate the habit of looking beyond the mistakes of other people in order to discover their uniqueness, originality and what stands them out. As the old popular saying goes; quit the habit of judging a book by its cover. There’s a whole lot of sweetness embodied in the people around you; Look beyond their flaws and discover the positive energy in them that can influence the energy in you and fuel your inner fire. Nobody is perfect and nobody has it all figured out…John Donne in his work stated that: No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a bit of the continent, a part of the main. No man can definitely thrive well if kept away from other people.                                                                                   Therefore, you constantly need people around you to push you, trigger you or influence you positively. Always look out for the good in people and quit the habit of getting too quick to bashing others for their imperfections.
Imperfections are normal human compositions and it is actually not easy to let go of one’s flaws. Yes! Flaws are too hard to erase but can definitely be contained and embraced.
     Furthermore, there are so many people that can actually be a support system but due to the fact that they have one or two flaws, you have consciously kept them at arm’s length just because of this so called defect.This is actually not too healthy and that is because you are not even close to perfection yourself. So my dear, In order to maintain the friendship u have with these set of people, you have to embrace and accept what makes them human. You have to understand the fact that we all have our weaknesses and fears all bottled up. All that matters is surrounding yourself with people that will constantly feed your flames either intentionally or unintentionally. Be around those set of people that have an impact in your life in one way or the other.
     Conclusively, every human subconsciously needs a push. Yes! we definitely know what is right but there are times we constantly need reassurance from people around us; there are times we need people to trigger our positive desires and that is the major reason why you have to be with people who fuel your inner fire and cheer you on!
Love always.
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  1. It was indeed a very good read. Looking beyond the mistakes of others and identifying their uniqueness is a major key! Thanks Seyilami.

  2. So on point! Thanks seyi!
    I remember the push my friend gave me after learning how to bake, I’d never have tried it out on my own if not for that push, she believed in me and gave me my first job despite knowing I hadn’t done a job before and it came out so well I couldn’t believe I decorated that cake. Thanks to bukky, Tess cakes would never have started! Really we all need friends who would help us become a better version of ourselves, if you’ve found one never let go no matter their inadequacies, after all we’re to complement each other.

  3. Seyilami, how I wish this intellectual clinic never stop but continue to impact positively on the lives of the people. It’s just a little push that most people actually need to climb the ladder of life without trepidation… God help you to keep doing this well sweet angel!


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