So many people have failed while some are still failing to realize a certain fact about life and that is the fact that “things sometimes will not go the way you have envisaged it” My dear, so many things will happen to you in life that will actually not align with your interest and so many things which you feel is the next good thing you want from life might actually not happen. There are times we actually do not get what we want from life. There are many times things do not go the way we have actually planned it. Often times, we put our hopes in a particular endeavor and it folds up eventually. There are times we list out our goals and then at the end of the day, we end up not achieving any. Each and everyone in the world works in accordance with their time zone and the mere fact that what you wish for is happening to your neighbor and not you does not mean it will not happen to you later on.

     Furthermore, it is high time we stood up to the wake up call of this undisputed fact of not having things go our way every time.I want you to know at this Juncture that having things not going your way does not make you a backward person and neither does it make you a “living-dead” my dear, you have to understand the fact that you are not alone on this; we have over 7billion people in the world and each and everyone of them have their hidden battles and fears. The rich and successful ones had their bad times and some of them had periods they reached rock bottom, so there is actually no need to think less of yourself or nurture thoughts of “maybe i am never going to make it” We have all been there and infact there are so many other worse things other people are going through. Permit me to reiterate this: the fact that your goals have not yet being fulfilled does not mean it will not happen; The fact that you cannot achieve that which you desire now does not mean it won’t come later.
Do not cower at all! Do not give up! Do not lose hope or feel too dejected and unwilling to continue. It is quite okay to feel depressed and sad but that should only motivate you to get up, draw the map again and venture into the business of achieving it. I fully understand the fact that there are certain things meant to be taken care of now and not later but one thing I would like us to bear in our minds is that life happens and if it does not go the actual way we have planned it then it’s not meant to happen at the moment.
Additionally,We should actually learn not to put all the blames for our misfortunes on life and its inhabitants; you as a person should question your everyday actions if it is actually in the right tune with getting an uplift from life. As I said in my earlier post, you must know that which you want from life, map out your plans and keep working in accordance with the fulfillment of that.
In essence, keep having faith in your life journey and trust your life growth and process. If it doesn’t happen now, it will definitely be fulfilled when the time is right!

love always!


  1. Obama was president at 50, Trump began at 70. Our times are different.

    Both the man who walked & the one who ran will arrive the same destination.

    Wait for your time.

    Awesome post!

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