So many people construct their existence on the foundation of Expectancy. A whole lot of people live their lives based on too much expectations from people. They do this to the extent of deriving happiness and peace of mind from the reciprocity of their good acts by people. So many of them go to the extent of initiating “badmouthing” conversations with other people about that particular person on how selfish and self centered such person is. It is high time we all learnt that expecting too much from people or expecting a return of a good deed is quite unhealthy and detrimental both to your mental and emotional state. My dear friends, It is high time we embraced the fact that too much expectations from people breed disappointment. You should not in any way live your life based on always hoping for the return of a good deed you have succeeded in doing for your neighbor.

       My dear, Life is meant to be lived fully and no one is expected to be the source of your happiness…No one is expected to drive the vehicle of your happiness for you, get up and take charge of your life; you own you and you are meant to call the shots when it comes to your happiness and stable state. Always be that happiness you find in people and the one and only way you can achieve that is doing away with expecting too much from people. Humans will keep being humans; therefore you have to take your mind off all forms of unhealthy anticipation.
        Additionally, there are so many of your friends that will never show you a quarter of the love you show them, so many of your friends that cannot fight the fight and talk the talk for you like you do for them. Yes! there are a good number of people that cannot in anyway bring themselves to do things you can easily do for them; You should not get mad when this happens and this is because you cannot expect people to act the way you act or have your own kind of reasoning. i fully understand the fact that as humans, we tend to naturally expect a return of a very rare deed but really all you have to do if you find your feet in these shoes is to Set Your Boundary.
      Setting your boundary entails knowing your limits which in essence means knowing when to draw the line. You really do not have to stop being yourself just because people would not show or reciprocate what you do for them; all you need to do is to know the extent you can go for people; know the the kind of things you can conveniently do for people without expecting anything in return. Do things for people just because you want to do it for them not because you want to please them. You can always choose to be nice to people but you’ve got to set a boundary for your own peace of mind.
Always focus on your happiness and that entails doing things that make you happy and not doing things just to make others happy to your own detriment. This life is yours and you are expected to LIVE IT and STAY HAPPY😊


  1. I try to make my comments like a woman’s skirt: long enough to be respectable and short enough to be interesting. Nice one sweetheart

  2. I so much love yours write ups, they inspire and motivate me. Go girl👍 you actually deserve some accolades.


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