Every woman must take cognizance of the fact that they mean so much more. They must always believe in themselves to make more achievements on their own. They must be able to showcase at all point the strength they have and how they are willing to make use of it in a way that would put an end to the average man’s belief that a woman’s career ends in the kitchen.

Every woman is meant to live life in a way that uplifts the soul of the innate woman in them; you all have to understand the fact that as a woman, you are a warrior and you must be able to stand your ground and defend your rights; this way you push for change. Women warriors possess as much strength, determination and fortitude as any man. However, so many women due to their sensitive and receptive nature find it difficult to put on a warrior attitude and fight for what they believe in. Every woman must understand the fact that there is a warrior hidden in her and she must discover that and afterwards stand up for herself. Being a warrior does not mean playing defensive all the time and attacking every meager challenge or better still misunderstanding in your marriage or relationship. You must learn how to balance up knowing when to let your guard down and also when to put on your amour and fight for your right.

You must also understand the fact that as a woman, you must always be optimistic; you must always be hopeful and confident about everything you lay your hands on. Optimistic women are always assured they are going to make it no matter the challenges, hurdles and obstacles that come their way. Therefore, as women you must continually be hopeful about the future, be confident about the achievement of your laid down goals and be hopeful about the success of anything you lay your hands upon.

It is high time we learnt that as women we must learn how to always make a difference in whatever we do. We must constantly showcase our abilities to do things far beyond the imagination of the average men who thinks we know nothing other than cutting vegetables in the kitchen. Women must constantly exhibit their hidden potentials and dare to give up dwelling in their weaknesses. As a woman, you must always be ready to show yourself to the world and not hide behind every successful man. It is good for the men to always set the pace with a successful woman behind but its neither bad for a woman to come out boldly and be the definition of being successful. Women are world changers and this has been proven beyond all reasonable doubts.

Furthermore, as a woman you must understand the fact that you are amazing and always seen as the backbone of any successful story. As women, you must continually strive to be inspiring others most especially your fellow women, you must continually uplift and support other women’s ideas, businesses and every other thing they engage in. You must strive to be a woman of substance who is talented in all areas and can always put her A-game in everything she does.

Conclusively, dare to give up the habit of being envious or getting jealous of another woman’s success. Stay in your own lane and do exploit. Always make sure everything you do constantly showcases the fact that the hands that cut vegetables in the kitchen can also make some changes in the world.




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