Some people want to be this while the rest wants to be that! It’s actually pretty cool to always aspire to become whatever but have you actually taken time to sit and reflect on your kind of person? To know what your abilities are and the things that you are actually not capable of involving yourself in? Have you ever taken time to rediscover yourself? Have you ever taken time to discover your innate abilities and things that you can actually do better than others? Let me tell you one thing sweetheart, there are so many people that can do so many things but the good news is that there is actually one thing you can do better than others; that one thing you do without stress, that one thing you do with all pleasure. Take your time to reflect on this because this will go a long way in shaping your future.

It is a well-known fact that it is actually good to make plans for a better future but the big question is will the big future come if you do not invest or put your energy in the right channel?  Will your big dream be achieved if you do not discover what makes the “you” in “yourself”? Will all your mapped out plans get fulfilled if you do not take the needed time now to know what your abilities and disabilities are? See, so many people make the mistake of going with the flow. Why would you go with the flow when you can actually create your own flow? Why should you just settle for whatever life has to offer? Look, if you decide to settle for whatever life has to bring to the table, then you can only become whatever life demands and not what you truly want to become. See my dear, it is your life and you have to call the shots! You have to stand tall on your feet and pick a struggle that aligns with your passion. Pick that struggle and stick with it! Work towards achieving the best out of it. Let me tell you one thing you also need to know,  it might be what you can do best but if you do not give it your best shot and if you do not put in a great deal of determination , fortitude and diligence, you will fall.

Permit me to reiterate a fact from my earlier post that the whole essence of a life time is becoming who you truly want to become and not what life demands of you. You need to learn the fact that you have to give diligently and smartly to life before you can reap bountifully from life. You cannot just sit in your comfort zone as each day passes and expect to be an Obama of your time. No! No! It sure does not work that way. You cannot keep sleeping on your succulent bed all your life! Get up and venture into the business of rediscovering yourself. What story would you tell? What lesson would you want people to learn from you? What experience are you willing to share? You really need to get up from your slumber and make hay while the sun shines.

See my dear, there is power in rediscovering yourself; there is so much satisfaction and peace of mind attached to doing things that you are naturally inclined with; those things you do not need to stress. They are called TALENTS! Talents are literally called natural tendencies; they mean possessing a natural aptitude or skill. There are diverse skills; discover your own today and if you already have, stick to it, keep working on it and never relent. Know what your passion is; know what your spirit keeps yearning for, know your desire. Everybody has a plus with academics. If you are smart and actually have the ability to easily win the heart of people into accepting your point of view; delve into politics! Delving into politics is in itself a talent. Not just anybody can be successful in politics if you do not know your onions. If you always desire to capture images; delve into photography. If you are creative, become a blogger or a brand influencer! If you are actually good at drawings, delve into paintings. If you also have the passion for creating designs, delve into fashion designing. The whole essence of all these is for you to rediscover yourself and afterwards develop what you have discovered.

Furthermore, one major thing about making it big in life is the ability to take risks and also the ability to push on without giving up on the struggle you have chosen. I would also want you to know that life itself is mixed with roses and thorns and the road to being successful and great is actually not an easy path. You will be broken and torn apart but the beautiful thing is if you are actually on the right path, you cannot get cheated. You will actually get your reward at the end of the day. Just forge ahead and keep your head in the struggle; remember nothing good comes easy. There are times our endeavors would get futile but for as long as there is life, there is hope and therefore for as long as you are living, you should keep on pushing which would outrightly be difficult for someone who is even too lazy to get up from his comfort zone. Yes, laziness!

Laziness is one major hindrance and setback that affects most people on their journey to rediscovering themselves. It means feeling too relaxed in your current state of reality to the extent of not willing to make a move to change that state you presently are. You know what laziness does, it gets you into giving up on something really great and life changing; it makes you feel weak to take a chance, it makes you feel too weak to dare.

According to Israelmore Ayivor in his “The Great Hand Book of Quotes”  he stated that-“Someone may have all the technical knowledge, scientific intellect and business know-how but when he/she decides to choose laziness, excuses, procrastination, complaining and other bad attitudes, his/her relevance is meaningless.” Flowing from the aforementioned, it can therefore be concluded that if you have successfully found that which you are naturally inclined to than others and you do not make conscious efforts to develop that which you are talented with, it is meaningless.





















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