Most people often let go of the people that have been with them all through their beginnings; they are so quick to let go of friends that have become family just to embrace strangers who hasn’t been through an inch with them. Do not get me wrong, I never mentioned the fact that it is bad to meet new people and hence make friends with them-hell no!

But it is more impeccable and honorable to always remember and hold to heart those people that have been through it all with you other than strangers who are just in for the benefits. Well, some strangers mean well and are ready to cling on no matter the situation but the fact still remains that the day0 niggas and friends should still be in your life; They know you better than others, they understand you better and would clearly define you at your worst and most pleasant situations; your “keeping in touch” game with this kind of people must be very strong my dear. Now I don’t mean old friends should be kept close forcefully but those that deserve to be kept should be kept and not be shoved aside because you now feel like a superstar because of your little breakthrough. Now, speaking of the little breakthrough; do you know some people are so full of surprises that they end up feeling that their old friends should be kept aside to avoid envy and jealousy? These set of people suddenly feel their old friends should be erased off so as to avoid any form of bewitchment that may arise due to the envy and jealousy they naturally feel will engulf the heart of their friends. This is pretty bad for people that think this way really! Stay close to people that mean so much more, be around people that value you. It’s always good to tell a story that you all have experienced together. Make the best use of your little breakthrough to lift your old friends; do not put in mind whether or not same will be done for you if you were to be in their situation.
In addition, on the issue of not putting in mind on whether or not same will be done for you; it is very pertinent to note that too much expectations from people breeds unexpected disappointment. I think it’s a natural phenomenon for humans to always expect, to always demand and to always require a return of a favour done by them. This shouldn’t be and this is because such recipient might never return the favour and therefore it is quite safe to do and do and face off, you shouldn’t do and expect and do and expect because on that, failure to fulfill your expectation is inevitable. So my dear friends, it is quite alright to do whatever you please for anyone and not to expect too much from those you have favoured.Lest I forget, We should as well not be quick to leave behind the friends who sees you as nothing but a threat to their “shining”; those friends who see you as a competition and who would not stop until they bring you down. These set of friends are haters and they are worse than known enemies. Steer clear of these set of people because they can be very dangerous and can actually hurt you. It is not compulsory and absolutely unnecessary to have too many friends; Stay close to friends who are true to you and let go of the frenemies.


  1. True talk my friend 👌 everyone needs a shoulder to lean on. But these days very few people are true… most friends hang on for the sake of benefits. May God bless us with good friends… sometimes, the more you grow, the smaller the circle 👌. It is well


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