Whatever life gives you at any point, make sure you grab it with both hands, embrace it and make the best use of it to achieve something great. Most times, people often complain too much about setting up plans to achieve a goal and it later ends up not getting fulfilled as planned. At that moment, there’s always a plan B Lurking around the corner… grab that opportunity at that particular time and make the best use of it.

It is high time we all learnt that life does not play fair at all times; it does not always turn out the way we have planned it. Sometimes, it gets even worse and lopsided but whichever way it comes; make the best use of every situation because there is always a bright side to every situation man finds himself.  Do not think less of yourself because your goals did not get achieved and do not think you cannot still do more.

One thing I would like you to note is that whatever side life turns to you always see the good in it and use it your advantage. There are times you get caught up in a messy situation or faced with challenges and hurdles on your journey to achieving your goals, do not give up just because of that, all you need to do is to focus on your journey without letting the obstacles hinder you. There are diverse stories of people who have always dreamt of being a medical doctor but based on low jamb scores  not up to the needed cut off mark; they had to put up for  the available course which at that instance served as their plan B and then they later had to retake exams for medical school. This is actually where determination and fortitude comes to play, if they had settled in on their plan B and given up on taking another shot at achieving their goals, they would not have been able to achieve their dream of being a medical doctor.

In essence, always put in the spirit of determination in whatever it is you wish to achieve; I am not assuring you it will come right at you easily, there are times you will get fed up due to the difficulties you  might get entangled in but when you get faced with this, do not give up! Get focused and always let your dreams motivate you. Do not get comfortable with or get accustomed with your current situation my dear, you can definitely be more! Believe in your growth process. It can definitely take time but it will definitely come to be.



  1. Comment:your narratives are quite inspiring.The world around us is dynamic and trendy, your words are therefore a compass to locate the path of honour and bequeathing deserving legacies to unfledged minds….very good initiative!


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