The clock goes tick tock tick tock every single day and you know what that signifies? It means it moves. Life goes on without waiting for anyone. No matter where you are and no matter the situation you find yourself, I want you to know that life is meant to be lived and not passed through like some bunch of vegetables. Live your life and make every day count. Do not just sit and watch others make something out of their life, get up from your own comfort zone and make the best use of your life.

You just got struck with a terrible heartbreak by someone you really loved and wish had your heart forever? I want you to get up from your bed of thoughts and live your life because whether you like to take another shot at life or not, that other person you are killing your inner self for has moved on leaving behind every string attached to you.  People change, things go wrong and so therefore, you have to continue living your life normally.

Additionally, I will also want you to realize that nothing stops life; happiness, sadness, failure, grief, heartbreaks and setbacks will all come and go. Nothing stays forever. Therefore, I urge you to keep living a normal life even when something sad, bad and disappointing happens. You set a goal and you could not achieve it, do not give up! Be steadfast and keep forging ahead against all odds because life happens.

You just got dropped off at work? You put in for a job opportunity and did not work out? You just failed the paper you read the most for? It is really not the end of the road for you, it is okay to think, brood and cry about it but let all that motivate you to keep trying and trying harder, do not give up and that is because it is really not over. Life happens probably not the way you have planned it to be but definitely the way it is meant to be.

In essence, it is high time we came to the know of the fact that life is like a road which could get smooth at a point and which could also at some point get bumpy but it sure never stops; it certainly keeps going. This is how we should also live our lives, no matter the challenges and hurdles we face, we should keep going and never look back.


  1. Accurately written darling…. this life is a moving train, we all have different stops but the train keeps moving. No matter the storm or rain or accidents on the way, this train never stops. May we not drop before our bus stop 🙏 we keep pushing… staying strong and staying sane👌👌 in this crazy world 🙏 I’m at least glad I have you in my corner 🤗🤗


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