Give up living your life based on people’s expectations sweetheart, you do not need your society’s approval to become whatsoever you want to become.  In this world we are into, you do your thing, let people do their thing. You need to know that you are not in this world to live based on people’s expectations and these same set of people are not in this world to live based on your own expectation.

Sweet, the sooner you realize this fact, the better for you. so many people believe that in order for them to be liked, approved and accepted by a set of people or society, they have to act, dress or behave in a certain kind of way, have a certain kind of mentality or live by some imaginary standards set by the society.  Please, do not get caught up in this kind of web and do not let this be your own style of living and this is because when you start living or behaving in a way just to please some people just for them to like you; my dear that is a pathway to losing your sense of identity.

One major factor that leads humans to live in this kind of state is lack of self-confidence. So many people tend to feel less than they actually are, they are always very insecure about themselves, always feeling less confident in themselves; they also feel they do not deserve their current state of reality. We find so many people who do not appreciate themselves and if you do not learn to appreciate yourself, you will constantly need people’s approval to live your life. You will see them make their hair and still feel less confident until a neighbor or friends says “wow! This really looks good on you” that is when you see them cheer up and then feel confident a bit. You will see them treat themselves like they are inferior to other people and always wait on these same set of people to tell them they look good or smell nice before they can actually feel free.

Self-adulation is the major key. You constantly need to look in the mirror every morning and give yourself the needed approval to move on with the day. See you need to appraise yourself; you need to build up your self-value. You cannot keep living based on your friend’s approval and if u keep living life this way, you are definitely going to be in trouble. You have to learn to appreciate yourself and be confident in yourself; that is exactly when you start living! We have so many people who do the opposite of what they actually feel the need to do mainly because they feel some certain set of superior people believe it is not right.  You do not need to live your lives to please others, do not live your lives based on what conforms to the society to the detriment of what conforms to your future. It is your own life and future that should matter most to you.

Let me tell you one thing you really need to know, when you spend most of your time acting based on people’s expectations, you then begin to lose yourself. Always remember that the whole essence of a lifetime is becoming who you truly want to become. This definitely stands to mean that you have just one life; it is your life so my dear friends, stop acting based on people’s opinion about you. You do not need anybody’s validation. It’s your life, just this one life. You are unique in your own way. So live your life! Own it and do not allow anybody’s opinion distract you from your goal or distract you from becoming who you truly want to become. Stay in your own lane because you are unique the way you are. Do not get influenced!

Additionally, you have to know your self-worth and a have a kind of huge confidence in yourself; you have to build your self-esteem and shun off all traits of inferiority complex. Always bear it in mind that you do not need people’s approval to lead your kind of life. In this world we are into, you have to act and behave in your own kind of way and become who you truly choose to become or else, you will lose your sense of identity. The thing is you do not need to seek people’s validation to lead the kind of life you want and for whatever you want to do. By the time you start asking people around about how they see you, asking and seeking the approval of friend A and neighbor B about whatever path you feel the need to choose, then that is a big problem which could cause a catastrophic ending.

Furthermore, it is high time you learnt that the worst form of betrayal is Self-Betrayal.  You have to realize the fact that you did not come to this world to blend in with some set of people neither did you come to fit in with other humans; you definitely did not come to this world to lose yourself in the crowd and you did not come to this world to continually seek people’s validation for every step you take. You have to understand the fact that you are in this world to share your own distinctive, peculiar and beautiful presence. You are also here to share your own talent and your own perfection in your own kind of way. So therefore, you do not need to lose your sense of identity to people who are actually not as perfect nor beautiful nor talented as you are. We all know that nobody is perfect but I want you to know that you are unique and perfect in your own way. Live your life the way you choose to live your life and do not pretend to be what you are not.
























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