In a world where you can be anything you want to be, in a world where you can live life in any manner and pattern you choose, you should not for any reason live as someone else. It is funny how we still find some people existing based on the life pattern of another person; I wonder why most people cannot actually live their life based on their mapped out plans but they rather prefer to live as much as or live the way their neighbor is living.

This can thus be regarded as working in accordance with other people’s watch. Working in accordance with other people’s watch is what you find most young people and sometimes older people do this century. It is high time we all learnt that working at the pace of someone else is quite detrimental and that is because you do not know the price the other person has actually paid to be where he or she is at the moment.

The big question now is why do people work or live their lives based on someone else’s pattern? Lack of self-believe and self-regard pushes out this tendency. A feeling of not being up to the standard of people around you, a feeling of inferiority complex and sometimes a whole lot of covetousness. You just want to acquire as much as the other person has in their possession. You want to literally have what the other party has and when you cannot afford this naturally, you go to any extent to get and acquire that lifestyle. Hey darling, I want you to know that things do not work this way and good success does not come this way. This path however leads to lifelong regrets and had I known.

Furthermore, it is high time we all learnt that we all have our different time zones and we all prosper in accordance to that. You need to stand up to the wakeup call of venturing into the business of I can do better. Yes! You need to understand the fact we all have what distinguishes us from others; there are so many things you can do better than others. Do not be covetous; you need to learn how to be contented with what you have and do not stretch your hands to reach for what is beyond your means. You need to find what motivates you. You should not see other people’s success as a threat to your shining. You should not follow the multitude; find a balance between your future goals and the legit way of achieving the dreams.

Additionally, I will love to urge you all to give up beating up yourself for not having as much as your friend or for not acquiring as much as the girl in your neighbourhood has. You are unique in your own way and there’s definitely a purpose for your existence. Find that purpose and do all the necessaries to achieve that purpose.

In essence, working with someone else’s time completely shuts down your future structure; it shuts down the right path to the big future you have dreamt of. For every successful story darling, there have been a lot of sacrifices.  Therefore, I urge you all to stay in your own lane and quit the habit of beating yourself up for not having as much as your friends and also to stop living your life based on someone else’s way of life.




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