Women these days are actually the victims of unsuccessful marriages; they are the ones who get neglected, abandoned and shoved aside by their husbands. They are also the ones at the mercy of the man at every point in time; you see them begging for forgiveness from someone they have not in any way sinned against just because they desire a reign of peace. Women!

They are also the ones who have to bear the pains of seeing their best friends go out and eventually take over the life of their husbands. They are the weaker ones who after submitting to the wishes of the husbands to live fully as a housewife without engaging in any search for job get abused at the long run for being too dependent. They are the victims of physical and emotional abuse. Yes! You see their partners get home very late in the night after their romantic escapades with their concubines’ and still subject their wives to emotional torture by forcefully laying with her and still commanding her to go prepare a delicious meal at 2am in the midnight. Who in God’s name does that?

It saddens my heart to see women enduring pains and agony in their marriages. I hate to see women who are meant to be regarded with utmost respect treated like filthy rags that have no homes. I detest seeing my fellow woman being treated like a stranger in her own home; you see her working herself out like a maid just to meet up with the standards of the monster she married as husband.  I loathe hearing about women getting hospitalized just as a result of the slaps and stabs from the man that is meant to be her husband. Women are also made to feel they have everything to lose if they leave their husband’s house because of the storm she is going through so they are afterwards encouraged to remain there and endure the pains even at the sight of their kids. Why in God’s name is this advice given?

So many marriages today are living hell for women; the husband constantly in the habit of meting out different shades of maltreatment to their wives. I think what we all are forgetting is the fact that marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not endured. I keep wondering why some husbands treat their wives as slaves while some treat theirs like they are non-existent. It is high time men took serious the cliché from the bible which states that he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtain favour from God; treat your wives like they are priceless and not like some nightmare you can’t stand to behold the next night.

Most young ladies are now weary of marriages, they have all reached a point in their lives where getting married scares the hell out of them just because they hear about, read about or witness their female counterpart suffering either emotionally, psychologically or physically. So many of them now take the institution of marriage as a mere joke and just a cloak for everlasting suffering. You hear them say consistently “Marriage is not an achievement”. It is high time we all learnt that a successful marriage is an achievement and it actually takes an undiluted grace to get such.

Why can’t a woman stand against what she does not want in her marriage? Why can’t a woman stand to oppose the actions and inactions of her husband without getting slapped and stabbed? Well, we cannot blame some of our men for this. It mostly depends on the home from which they have been brought forth and the kind of mentality they have about women; some of our men are products of violent and broken homes while some build themselves out of the mess they grew up in; some just continue the violent flow and become natural monsters. Most men are however just born with the animalistic nature and nothing can actually stop them from physically and emotionally abusing their wives.

It is high time we taught our sons the exact way we taught our daughters, it is high time we started bringing up our sons just the way we brought up our daughters not leaving them out when it comes to domestic responsibilities to perform and let them believe they are the strong ones and actually have the power to do whatsoever they want to do. They make them sit while the females are taught how to treat their husband in future. Being well trained has always being a major attribute of the woman. They make the men believe their sole responsibility is to work and earn money neglecting the most important upbringing which is teaching them how to build a family when they have one.












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