One major problem women face day in day out is the hate and bash from other women. What can actually be done in a world where women appear to battle women? We fight each other like it is a contest; women are definitely their own enemies. They are always too quick to cast stones at their fellow woman. Look very closely whenever a lady makes any mistake, you will find her fellow woman acting as the flame feeder and always readily available to bring evidence to support the wrongdoing.

They are too quick to judge from afar what they haven’t been through. They even act like they know where the shoe pinches. Women are definitely the cause of it all; you see them getting too swift to blame the molested woman. They will say: why will she even dress like that? Why will she even talk like that? They are always in support of the man that slaps his wife saying I know her; she has a big mouth. So many unworthy souls casting stones!

Women! You will see them making viral the obscene pictures of their friends just because of a disagreement. Sending blackmailing text messages to her friend just because she has refused an offer from her or probably failing to oblige to what her wishes are. What a pity! You will see them appearing too quick to initiate conversations that involves bringing their fellow woman down. They always assume the position of being the Judge in a case that hasn’t even being brought to their court.

Additionally, the system is to be blamed actually. Tell me, what can be done in a society that treats a woman lesser than they deserve? What can be done in a society that feels the career of a woman ends in the kitchen? They see women as weaklings and weaker vessels instead of leaders and world changers; they see them as vessels of punches and slaps. A society that delights in seeing a woman bringing her fellow woman down just because they feel that is all we are useful for, snitching, hating and gossiping about one another.

Conclusively, why can’t women stand up for each other? Why must we stand against one another? We will never get the treatment we deserve if we do not stop the hate and treat each other with love. It is high time we all learnt that there is dignity is standing together, we command so much love and respect from the men by standing and empowering one another.

According to a wise old adage which states and I quote “if you want to go fast, go alone and if you desire to go far, go together.” If we are actually ready to take the world and make a difference, we really need to stand by and with each other and also give up the bad habit of always throwing stones at one another when the issue of woman dignity comes into the picture. We need get supportive of another when it comes to the issue of oppression from the male folks.

We need to stop the bitterness against one another! Love your fellow woman! Be a woman that supports her fellow woman



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